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File: grey man.png (201 KB, 501x375)201 KB
RIP 3chan
why rip?
Its not dead faggot
>Its not dead faggot

Hang yourself.

File: 33377777.jpg.jpg (36 KB, 300x100)36 KB
I have finally implemented banners into 3chan.

So I am now accepting banner requests.
SFW banners only (as long as there is no nudity i will accept it)
The banner must include text saying 3chan.
The banner must be 300x100

ITT post the banners you have made
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>>108 sorry
but can you make it 300x100

all banners must be 300x100
File: f.jpg (8 KB, 300x100)8 KB

File: 1468108932667.jpg (17 KB, 193x255)17 KB
300 GET
File: congratulations.gif (1.31 MB, 450x450)1.31 MB
File: sticky.png (8 KB, 120x120)8 KB
Sticky this.
File: image.jpg (94 KB, 489x700)94 KB

File: 1445396212820.gif (1.95 MB, 320x180)1.95 MB
Post any bugs or other feedback about the latest update here!
There is no theme button and you can't open the settings button.

If i click on your number it doesn't appear in the text box.
Green text also does not work for some odd reason.
Where can i get the 'Your fortune' code from /r/?
from the github...
I tried using sage in the email field (like the 3chan FAQ tells you to), yet it still bumped the thread to the top of the page.

Also, usernames don't seem to be clickable anymore to send an e-mail message, why was this removed?

File: 200_s.gif.gif (9 KB, 216x200)9 KB
Post issues and bugs you have found on the site and suggestions to improve the site.

Known bugs:
br tags don't work on some boards
tripcodes don't generate and make the name blank
green text doesn't work on some boards
quoting doesn't work on some boards
(the above issues are gonna be fixed soon)
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File: IMG_0014.JPG.jpg (90 KB, 640x1136)90 KB
On /r/ (haven't checked here), post links seem to set the post ID for the thread ID as well resulting in links like this:


Also quick reply always posts to the first thread instead of the thread it should be.
I forgot to add something.
pls add a /i/nvasion board, it would increase traffic a lot here and I'll be able to promote it on 4chan.
>I'll be able to promote it on 4chan.
Still using 4cuck.

File: Meido2.png.png (31 KB, 200x267)31 KB
The site has been upgraded, everything should be faster.

If you have any questions or you find any issues with the site please post them in this thread or email Yushe!
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will sticky your threads when the software is updated

currently things like stickys and capcodes are kinda buggy
forgot my trip
Updating the sticky later after the update.
everything should be working properly soon

File: Pepe relaxing on a cold day.jpg.jpg (37 KB, 1280x720)37 KB
Here are some boards i would like to see come back and be added /mu/ /tech/ /v/ and more boards like /a/ for anime /pol/ for politics /co/ cartoons /e/ Erotica /h/ henti /tv/ TV and movies /asi/ a board all about asian culture /jp/ nothing but talk about japan /col/ collectibles toys and many more /rv/ retro video games these are the only ideas i have right now also no normalfags allowed and please try to keep the underage newfag cringe cancer off of here it will kill this site if it comes here.
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I won't allow sjw janitors/mods, and there is a sticky on /j/ telling them to not be sjws and to be lenient when it comes to the rules

if you have any other questions or suggestions please feel free to post them
Please add capcodes for users (Custom name/tripcode color and custom icons/flags)

You should also add country flags to /pol/.

Fortune should be moved to the email feld on /r/. (so you can tripcode and fortune like on [s4s])
How many mods do we have?
We need mods. Mod me.
tripcodes are the capcodes for users

custom flags might be in the next update not 100% sure though

we do have country flags and ids but they are currently broken but fixed in the new version

this might be done

just one so far but i will be hiring janitors when the major update has been released

if you want more info come on the irc

File: poalme.png.png (29 KB, 296x102)29 KB
itt we talk about the 3chan new trail board poal


Test Stuff
quote test
I added an experimental feature to this thread. (Event Stickies)

>What are these event stickies you speak of?
They are a type of sticky thread that allows this thread to have "1500" replys.
File: 1447442421012.jpg.jpg (130 KB, 500x623)130 KB
when are you going to open source the code that 3chan runs on???
>>24<br /><br />hah

File: 1474215788885.jpg.jpg (53 KB, 543x334)53 KB
Why don't we close /pig/?

It's full of redditfags.
isn't it already closed due to the fact its archived

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