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File: mr-oizo-stade-2.jpg.jpg (560 KB, 1582x1423)560 KB
OH FUCK ITS MY BOARD. <br />post some good ass musics mane
The Laziest Men on Mars: Invasion of the Gabber Robots - sticks in your mind...<br />Slash: World on Fire - listened to it last night, really good song<br /><br />Speaking of Slash, GNR have got back together.
br glitch is glitchy
faggot im new to this stuff
It's really simple to use this.
What do you guys think of this?<br /><br />https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFriSyLEP6g

File: 06_UNCLEMEAT.jpg.jpg (185 KB, 600x600)185 KB
Best album coming through
sure ;)
Did you use the chicken to mesure it's greatness?

File: onethingidontknowwhy.jpg.jpg (214 KB, 900x900)214 KB
this board is empty as all hell, (actually the entire imageboard itself ayy lmao) consider this a call into the void. 3x3 thread lets do it ladz
You could have used the last thread there's no need to make a new one.<br />Also I'm not really into music except game music.
>>11<br />WHY<br />ARE<br />YOU<br />EVEN<br />HERE?<br />-------LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING--<br /> C<br /> ABOUT<br /> Y R<br />N O O N E<br /> U O S<br /> R INTO<br /> E<br /> \<br /> /<br />/\ |/ |<br />\/ |\ <>
>>19<br />what??
is it: Why are you even here? Let me tell you something: See about yourself. No one... you are so into e CAMMY

File: SMB1ENGINE.png.png (5 KB, 320x240)5 KB
Some video game music is worth to discussing.<br />Post here what you likes - me:<br />All of Zero Wing OST<br />Cammy's themes<br />Ryu's Theme from SF2<br />SMW2 OST<br />DKC 1-3 OST

>be gone for a month<br />>only two posts on /mu/<br /><br />well shit
not many people really come here unfortunately even the other forums aren't too active<br /><br />just need more activity, I already linked to 3chan on my site homepage if that can help

3x3 thread, post your favorites and rate.

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