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>>343 Nuh uh, you're gay. Also, checkem.
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Have to Celebrate Autism Awareness or Our Victory in the Great Meme War here because 8 chains kill
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Bump for awareness
anyone else lookup whiterabbitz and get
Where are we boys

who else hre is a political activist of some type

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Who else here is some kind of political activist

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No MAGA thread?

This chan really is dead!
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I came to this bored by typing in random numbers in next to the word chan, and Jesus, this website is more sheltered than 8chan. It's so cosy here; I think this chain will be a bit slow thought.
Wow it really is dead here. Just came to escape from all of the 4cuck shills.
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Lmao 3chan had to get in on the traffic the pol brings
it was a community vote to add /pol/

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discord server thechatfromhell have declared an online war on the lgbt community, promising to raid lots of lgbt communities, the declaration of war was last night, after raids on /lgbt/ the ruleless discord server has slowly became a home for the alt right, and somewhat illegal content and shock images, how does /pol/ react to the declaration of war?
let them both wipe themselves out

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> 8 is kee
go larp on 1chan queer boy!

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OK . , uR say .. . INDIA a "POO IN LOO" ? ,,, WEL L......,, is mm am not TEHINK tahtat. ,., 39023g20gdrgh923t23 free doraemon movie,, IS GOOd ting .. ,qas say about {}|INDIA .....|}{ ..,, UR REGREt i ....t...

also U r girl ? , anyu girl here ?/ thxxxxx. . hhhh

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Post up anons
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3ch sucks ass
oy vey

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Who else here enjoys reading NS sites that also talk about Paganism/the esoteric? I find this very interesting and wanted to know if anyone here knew of any good sites. Pic related, my current favorite of such sites.
SORRY www.burzum.org

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