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File: BANE.jpg.jpg (44 KB, 750x500)44 KB
No MAGA thread?

This chan really is dead!
this board has only just been added retard
>upset about having some peace and quiet
You are a faggot anon.
better this way
have you seen the post speed in 4cuck's /pol/ and the level of discussion?
care to elaborate?
looks like I am an original fag
were you around when there were no archived boards?
File: y5rcq8ejdcnx.jpg.jpg (102 KB, 750x734)102 KB
Benjamin Fischbein will fall
I came to this bored by typing in random numbers in next to the word chan, and Jesus, this website is more sheltered than 8chan. It's so cosy here; I think this chain will be a bit slow thought.

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