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File: 1475162959767.jpg.jpg (1.83 MB, 2592x1936)1.83 MB
dubs decide
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Please like, subscribe, and share! And tell me if you like my singing below in the comment section. Thank You!

Cut a hole in it's mouth so it can blow you
im not going to fuck it but i will do other things to it

Your fortune: Bad Luck
Hi fashionable website
free date site in usa jewish dating advice couples relationship advice thai dating site going fishing dating website

File: Photo on 8-8-16 at 3.35 PM.jpg.jpg (135 KB, 768x720)135 KB
im your ken

File: legit.png.png (84 KB, 1920x1080)84 KB
Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know that there is archived WIN form of 4chan - http://4chanarchives.cu.cc
It contains about 3.7million images (decreasing due to DMCA requests send to me and also to imgur) and over 9 million posts.

>Q: why did you choose cu.cc as TLD?
A: at first 'cus it was funny, now cus /b/ is a cuckold's kindergarten and cu.cc sounds like cuck
>Q: when can we archive threads?
A: Soon(tm)
>Q: first and last archive dates?
First thread dates: 2014-01-17 04:19:07, Last thread dates: 2015-05-07 12:00:14
>Q: are you the admin?
A: yes, no connection with the prev. owner of 4Archive though, nor any other archivers.
>Q: How can I help improve the project?
A: share it with your friends or post archived threads on 4chan when appropriate
>Q: I have 156745111millions of dollars and I'd like to buy you pizza and some fries, do you accept donations?
A: yes, via paypal, payza, wire, contact me for more info (email on homepage and footer)
>Q: are there any adds I should be worried about?
A: yes, 3-5 popups, 1 sliding, 1 image at header and 2 image at bottom, the [More] and [hot stuff] is infiltration of ads and cancer.
>Q: can you share some/all of the pics you had to take down due to DMCA?
A: sure, soon.
why bump this thread?

the site still doesn't archive threads...
File: xloset homo.jpg (55 KB, 592x396)55 KB
he's a closet homo
File: tay23_003.jpg (166 KB, 712x1072)166 KB
why pretend to be a 14 year old girl and talk sexy to men online? Are you a homo?

File: 2016-08-22-03-12-34.jpg.jpg (258 KB, 429x680)258 KB
Lets make a new 3chan language so new fags won't come here.
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fuck off
You are wasting this sites precious bandwidth and processing power you faggot.
Why would you do something childish as this you underage cunt?
File: IMG_0790.png (604 KB, 600x753)604 KB
>>1488 nice get my dude

File: image.jpeg.jpg (83 KB, 634x421)83 KB
Took some great snaps of this milf at the beach. Amazing tits, ass and legs for such an old bitch.

Had to be so careful not to get spotted, stupid cunt had no idea lol.

Want more?
ofc, go on
File: image.jpeg.jpg (88 KB, 634x421)88 KB
Of course you cunt
and if she finds out this, we'll just say we're behind 7 proxies eh?
dude, u just posted them on 4chan.. wtf

File: milhouse is badluck.png.png (29 KB, 349x176)29 KB
fortunes thread

test them fortunes

>Q: How?
>A: to test your fortune type #fortune into the name field

Your fortune: Very Bad Luck
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Your fortune: Average Luck

im feelin pretty good
Your fortune: Godly Luck

did it work
Your fortune: Bad Luck

Jews did 9/11.
Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger

i miss old 4chin

File: Green iBallisticSquid.jpg.jpg (2 KB, 101x101)2 KB
Hello my name is moroncrafter4-7-18 but I get so fussy if you don't say it 4-7-1-8.

My boards get hacked because I am absolute shite at moderation and because I never post on them.

I also have a privelige to spam on my boards unlike everyone else on them, which is no one.

And yushe is a fuck bot :DDDDDDDDDD why did he rip off my site, even though I ripped off a ton of sites' names, theres only one real minecraft central and only one gaming central boards

I won't be on your site if you dont make me a mod DixieKongJD

Also google and microsoft never spied on you, windows 7 is old and boring

the picture is a mistake from art, don't go on about the colour
generally be a moron here, like the above idiot 'Minecrafter4718'

the best shitpoist thread to ever exist

shame I have to put up with that moron in real life as well and can do a really good impersonation of his idiocy
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Quite amusing: he tells me to 'fuck off' when I did not one thing.
So much maturity.
the new password for Minecrafter4718 is Cheesepie12234
What the fuck is this shit
Something to do with somebody the OP and Yushe know about, you also didn't need to bump this thread to the top of the page.
I typed 'sage' into the email field to prevent bumping and it didn't work. How odd.

File: Startrek.png.png (883 KB, 1143x558)883 KB
If anyone's interested, Voyager and TNG are continually playing at http://vaughnlive.tv/downlorrd .

Also general Star Trek thread, what do you think of the new movies? What setting would you want a new series to be in?
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File: GayTrekTNG.jpg.jpg (44 KB, 500x400)44 KB

TNG was a woefully gay PC fest only suitable for faggots, sjw morons, cucks, and trannies.
File: CaptCuntway.jpg.jpg (42 KB, 621x466)42 KB

Voyager was a super gay hagfest populated by a shipload of sniveling whiners subservient to an annoyingly preachy feminist incompetent who suffered from chronic psychosexual penis envy.
File: BenjaminSisko.jpg.jpg (90 KB, 634x876)90 KB

NigTrek9 was a boring soap opera with a bunch of unlikeable characters, feminists everywhere, a token nig commander, and way too many space jews.

Enterprise was the very best Star Trek series ever produced.

It was Star Trek done right.

No faggots.
No feminism
Less technobabble
More realism
More character
Interesting aliens
Solid storytelling
File: Plato's_Stepchildren_kiss.jpg (15 KB, 450x225)15 KB
Yeah but Kirk kissed a nigger

File: maxresdefault (2).jpg.jpg (85 KB, 1280x720)85 KB
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getting close
Vid unavailable, RIP
File: mariaU4_92.jpg (217 KB, 712x1072)217 KB
So you pretended to be a 14 year old girl enticing men for sex? Are you a faggot? Do you dress in girl's clothes or what? In most parts of the world, banging 14 year olds is legal. So what's your trip?

File: 2560028197_f8d889c28c.jpg.jpg (73 KB, 500x400)73 KB
does anybody know how to host a imageboard on ubuntu
Ask in /tech/ and you'll get some support. However, all you need is PHP 5.x or higher and MySQL installed, as well as a web server such as Apache. You'll need a database for each board.

Follow the installation instructions on the source code's GitHub readme and you should be fine.

Note that the code has always had something broken, so don't expect 100% stability.
File: dissatisfiedstallman.png (405 KB, 500x307)405 KB

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