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File: 14485305036356.gif.gif (975 KB, 500x281)975 KB
since there is no /a/ board

lets have an anime thread!

ITT: talk about anime, post your waifu, post smug anime grills and much more
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First you could learn how to do a greentext without looking retarded. Then you could go to MAL or any anime chart site and see what kind of shows are coming out for the current season, or what kind of shows just came out recently, read their summaries, and watch if it seems like the kind of thing you would like. I mean shit, do you want cute girls murdering each other, do you want ugly men whining to each other about chess, or do you want a boner?
File: Neptune.jpg (116 KB, 1300x1258)116 KB
Neptune is mah waifu ^~^
that would be great
I would say start with yuri yuri, K-on or nichijou, if you like cute girls. watch kaiji, deathnote or code geass if you like mind game type shit. watch 91 days for narrative depth.
or of course this
Uboachan just died out too suddenly by a moderator. A very sad loss.
File: 1459331622917.gif (346 KB, 250x200)346 KB
Git out yuo mango hoarder

/a/nime is for weebs and shiet

File: image.jpeg.jpg (256 KB, 1296x972)256 KB
Have a bunch of teen nudes and other porn, 3chan /r/
Today I learned that one picture is a dump.

I thought 4chan was shit. Please ban me.
File: sommer_keyclub4_10.jpg (124 KB, 712x1072)124 KB
It's all in your mind. pic unrelated

File: Capture.PNG.png (277 KB, 401x306)277 KB
This board needs a personal meme.
Any ideas?
File: 3.jpg (5 KB, 265x190)5 KB
Ghost busters 3(chan)
File: image.jpg (34 KB, 800x450)34 KB
Pee Ess Triple
File: doggosmug.jpg (5 KB, 144x144)5 KB
make my slick doggo the new meme
Make him admin for the weekend and see if he does good. If he does make him admin if he doesn't don't make him admin. But it has to be legit no biased crap.

File: 2016-08-22-03-12-34.jpg.jpg (258 KB, 429x680)258 KB
Lets make a new 3chan language so new fags won't come here.
File: jp invades g board.png (167 KB, 1280x720)167 KB
do feel free to elaborate a bit and give some suggestion to start it of you faggot of lazy OP

I for one would suggest that we use our number choice to our advantage like for
>like 4cuck but three some
or something like that
I dunno, this place is dead , but I digress.
File: 200%batkek.jpg (61 KB, 600x600)61 KB
implying people actually come here
Maybe you should welcome newfags, since there are about a total of 100 unique visitors ever?

File: maxresdefault (2).jpg.jpg (85 KB, 1280x720)85 KB
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i want to get thousend
getting close

File: Circle_sign_1000.png.png (52 KB, 768x768)52 KB
itt we post until 1000 get
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File: 5.jpg.jpg (37 KB, 296x450)37 KB
post fuckos
File: 6.jpg.jpg (144 KB, 450x299)144 KB
File: lmao.jpg.jpg (14 KB, 480x270)14 KB
someone has already got 1000 get

File: dogeclose.png.png (53 KB, 153x128)53 KB
whats the difference between 4chan and 3chan?
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On 4Chan your post doesn't last months
no on 4chan your post doesn't last a day
1. 4chan sucks.
2. 3chan is smaller but has potential to grow into a really big and good community.

The End.
no one posts here
how long has 3chan been around?

File: milhouse is badluck.png.png (29 KB, 349x176)29 KB
fortunes thread

test them fortunes

>Q: How?
>A: to test your fortune type #fortune into the name field

Your fortune: Very Bad Luck
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Your fortune: Excellent Luck

This is gonna be gay....
Your fortune: ( _ゝ`)フーン

Well will i make it out?
Your fortune: Excellent Luck

be good to be kek
Your fortune: Godly Luck


File: 2560028197_f8d889c28c.jpg.jpg (73 KB, 500x400)73 KB
does anybody know how to host a imageboard on ubuntu
Ask in /tech/ and you'll get some support. However, all you need is PHP 5.x or higher and MySQL installed, as well as a web server such as Apache. You'll need a database for each board.

Follow the installation instructions on the source code's GitHub readme and you should be fine.

Note that the code has always had something broken, so don't expect 100% stability.

File: Green iBallisticSquid.jpg.jpg (2 KB, 101x101)2 KB
Hello my name is moroncrafter4-7-18 but I get so fussy if you don't say it 4-7-1-8.

My boards get hacked because I am absolute shite at moderation and because I never post on them.

I also have a privelige to spam on my boards unlike everyone else on them, which is no one.

And yushe is a fuck bot :DDDDDDDDDD why did he rip off my site, even though I ripped off a ton of sites' names, theres only one real minecraft central and only one gaming central boards

I won't be on your site if you dont make me a mod DixieKongJD

Also google and microsoft never spied on you, windows 7 is old and boring

the picture is a mistake from art, don't go on about the colour
generally be a moron here, like the above idiot 'Minecrafter4718'

the best shitpoist thread to ever exist

shame I have to put up with that moron in real life as well and can do a really good impersonation of his idiocy
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Quite amusing: he tells me to 'fuck off' when I did not one thing.
So much maturity.
the new password for Minecrafter4718 is Cheesepie12234
What the fuck is this shit
Something to do with somebody the OP and Yushe know about, you also didn't need to bump this thread to the top of the page.
I typed 'sage' into the email field to prevent bumping and it didn't work. How odd.

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