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since there is no /a/ board

lets have an anime thread!

ITT: talk about anime, post your waifu, post smug anime grills and much more
File: 14324325376412.png.png (113 KB, 300x300)113 KB
i wish nichijou still aired
File: 1476304808041.gif.gif (430 KB, 500x629)430 KB
File: tfw.png (310 KB, 1054x720)310 KB
tfw izumi and manabu will never date
>be me just turned 18
>want to experiment with anime but don't want gay shit
>what do /r/?
First you could learn how to do a greentext without looking retarded. Then you could go to MAL or any anime chart site and see what kind of shows are coming out for the current season, or what kind of shows just came out recently, read their summaries, and watch if it seems like the kind of thing you would like. I mean shit, do you want cute girls murdering each other, do you want ugly men whining to each other about chess, or do you want a boner?
File: Neptune.jpg (116 KB, 1300x1258)116 KB
Neptune is mah waifu ^~^
that would be great
I would say start with yuri yuri, K-on or nichijou, if you like cute girls. watch kaiji, deathnote or code geass if you like mind game type shit. watch 91 days for narrative depth.
or of course this
Uboachan just died out too suddenly by a moderator. A very sad loss.
File: 1459331622917.gif (346 KB, 250x200)346 KB
Git out yuo mango hoarder

/a/nime is for weebs and shiet
File: brain.png (819 KB, 898x905)819 KB

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