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File: Green iBallisticSquid.jpg.jpg (2 KB, 101x101)2 KB
Hello my name is moroncrafter4-7-18 but I get so fussy if you don't say it 4-7-1-8.

My boards get hacked because I am absolute shite at moderation and because I never post on them.

I also have a privelige to spam on my boards unlike everyone else on them, which is no one.

And yushe is a fuck bot :DDDDDDDDDD why did he rip off my site, even though I ripped off a ton of sites' names, theres only one real minecraft central and only one gaming central boards

I won't be on your site if you dont make me a mod DixieKongJD

Also google and microsoft never spied on you, windows 7 is old and boring

the picture is a mistake from art, don't go on about the colour
generally be a moron here, like the above idiot 'Minecrafter4718'

the best shitpoist thread to ever exist

shame I have to put up with that moron in real life as well and can do a really good impersonation of his idiocy
Yushe, the insult is just a mockery of Moroncrafter, because he raged at you for ripping off a site which he:

never bothered to post on or visit
constantly promoted and demoted me nearly every week
still thought StapleButter destroyed all of them except the first two mess-ups (duurp)
and to top it off, thought a kitchen spammer joined his site to post about Minecraft - gave them a warning and not an actual ban
also, not letting anyone improve or promote his site, and expects it to be really active

it just goes to show his intelligence level
Eh, he is a retarded 12 year old THE END.

I don't get why he wanted to fight with me all the time because I really don't care about him or his shitty site.

inb4 the reason why i'm posting anonymously is because /r/ runs on a really really old version where the name field doesn't work on the admin panel.
Dunno, I changed one letter in his xbox bio and he threatens to report it to the police.

I wouldn't be arsed to do that if someone fucked up my bio, just shows how idiotic he is.

And yeah he is a 12 year old, he still does asdfmovie shit and not even for sarcasm so that says it all.

Dunno how he managed to get 100 subs but nearly every comment he got was someone promoting their channel. He says he's going to get more youtube views by calling himself 'gaming central' and ripping off other channels with that name lol.
link to his channel?

in real life he sounds like the Only Fools and Horses grandad when he moans, all the time.

you should also see how stubborn he is, he can't even go into lesson without moaning for the whole lesson that all the pens are chewed, then you offer him a non-chewed one and he's like "no"

what an idiot
He has hardly any views on his videos and three of them are stolen... He must've made alt accounts of begged or something.
He's too stupid to do that, I actually boosted his first mincraft split up video and that didn't work at all, so no one wants to.

A lot of mine are stolen too but they were mostly things like game trailers and official gameplay videos. Somehow they got views though, usually I only done that when I had no other choice.

Also irritated by his voice yet?
hello I am Minecrafter4718 an idiot that spams his own website and bans everyone
steven foote is an idiot<br />steven foote is an idiot<br />steven foote is an idiot<br />steven foote is an idiot
minecraft central was hacked

It's now seem to be replaced with some kind of 'Morons Database' containing a hell of a lot of info about Minecrafter...
Quite amusing: he tells me to 'fuck off' when I did not one thing.
So much maturity.
the new password for Minecrafter4718 is Cheesepie12234
What the fuck is this shit
Something to do with somebody the OP and Yushe know about, you also didn't need to bump this thread to the top of the page.
I typed 'sage' into the email field to prevent bumping and it didn't work. How odd.

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