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File: tux_sh-600x600.png.png (118 KB, 600x600)118 KB
What's your preferred Linux distro and why did you choose it
Not Ubuntu, too much proprietary garbage and spies on you.
then what do you use then?
mint because im still getting used to linux
Arch for regular Linux usage, Kali because of its cool pentest tools, and Deepin because design
File: happy.jpg (77 KB, 848x708)77 KB
manjaro xfce on my laptop, ubuntu MATE on my desktop.
File: 1477540138886.png (156 KB, 483x442)156 KB
Linux is a throttling heap of garbage used by pretentious manchild NEETS and mentally ill faggots and has no productivity software whatsoever. Linux will be irrelevant by 2018 and has no use other than hosting web servers more securely than Windows. But then again it's your choice to throw away productivity and a professional UI (Windows 7 classic and before) for some ultra homo riced anime desktop that you spent thousands of hours in config files tweaking after compiling a gorillion things from source only to realize nobody writes software for your shitty server OS that you're forcing on yourself on the desktop.

>muh gimp muh blender
dont even
Arch, but not for purity reasons. I just like the way it works.

The original decision came from searching for distros that had recent enough kernels to run my SATA controller back in '06 without recompiling.
Once Gentoo, always gentoo
Otherwise CloverOS (based on gentoo)
Arch Linux with AmiWM, because i have too much time.
I have only used ubuntu but tbh it depends on what you will use linux for.

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