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File: 1438637290374.png.png (120 KB, 387x357)120 KB
Welcome to /www/!

This is a board for internet culture as the board title says.

this board is also being used to test a new version of 3chans software so have fun. :^)

File: allchans-official.png.png (75 KB, 446x1126)75 KB
Can we get a definitive list of chans?
isn't the only one worth posting on 3chan though? this is the only one I actually use at all
Do you only spend a total of about 10 min a month using the internet or what?
proof from my own forum that it's a lie

registration date: 16th April 2016
time spent in total: 4 Days, 17 Hours, 29 Minutes, 44 Seconds

does that answer your question?

I just don't really care about other chans or most popular sites I'm fine with this one. I think that list you have is basically all of the ones that still work though.
I waste too much time on facebookchan with no-one talking to me
Only good ones one her are 420chan,freech, tf2chan, and 8chan

File: 1287666826226.png.png (128 KB, 1954x1783)128 KB
new meme: the prankster face
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yeah it's fuck old now
let's see if we can make new memes out of old ones, though
I have an idea!
Dis not noo foo
Dis not noo foo
new meme: the nigbrain
i am offended fuk u all

File: image.jpeg.jpg (100 KB, 600x740)100 KB
You laugh you loose
File: image.jpeg.jpg (72 KB, 600x651)72 KB

File: image.jpeg.jpg (62 KB, 800x624)62 KB
A master is out
that is derpy

File: new meme kawaii july.png.png (444 KB, 846x711)444 KB
New meme (?

File: legday.jpg.jpg (4 KB, 192x125)4 KB
get the fuck up its leg day

File: image.jpeg.jpg (19 KB, 200x150)19 KB
He is out

File: image.png.png (190 KB, 288x600)190 KB

File: Iridocyclitis.jpg.jpg (10 KB, 480x360)10 KB
Post any internet videos you can here!


Not funny but people at my school seem to think so they pick up on memes so slowly.

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