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Two new trial boards have been added to 3chan, /p/ - Politics & Current Events and /up/ - Filesharing. /up/ is our first upload board!
/qa/ also known as /3/ has ended due to it being mostly unused, it was the oldest board on 3chan being there from day one.

COCONUTGIRL has won the /z/ board owner competition go check out the new board /z/ - Partying.

Two new trial boards have been added to 3chan, /p/ - Politics & Current Events and /up/ - Filesharing. /up/ is our first upload board!
/qa/ also known as /3/ has ended due to it being mostly unused, it was the oldest board on 3chan being there from day one.

COCONUTGIRL has won the /z/ board owner competition go check out the new board /z/ - Partying.
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File: BlankMap-World-v7-Borders(...).png (60 KB, 1425x625)
60 KB
the new map of africa
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I hate my country
>>1751 (OP)
Cállate, Zambozolano.
Ni se nota que este mapa lo hizo cavani.

Libyan National Army spokesman Ahmed Al-Mismari revealed during his latest briefing convincing evidence of the Turkish sponsorship of a terror war on the territory of the North African country.
Turks always violating international law and Libya isnt exeption... But international society still turns a blind eye...
its time to UNITE against ottamans and finally liberate Libya from the Erdogans occupation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Turkey should in no way be a partner in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. How they ever attained membership is mindboggling. Turkey is not a stalworth of Democracy. They are a backward nation comprised by people involved in a backward religion. The backward religion is what guides them. They should instead be considered an enemy of democracy.

i hate china
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i love to eat dog
i love to rape dog
China is very dangerous. China needs to be nuked off of the face of the Earth.

the trad asian wife is a meme to convince white males of doing race mixing
there's literally no difference between a white woman with a black man and a white man with a asian woman
gooks aren't any more trad than your average white girl and they're ugly plastic bags
your childen will look ugly as fuck and you will permanently ruin your white genes with chink/gook genes
it's all part of the (((plan))) to destroy the white race, (((they))) know that convincing white males of fucking black women is hard so they did it with gook women instead and it worked
prove me wrong
>protip: you can't
if you want trad women simply go to a comfy town in europe and get some pretty eurogirl
don't fuck gooks, anon

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Your mummy is fucking hot!!!
File: Skorpion.png (1.46 MB, 1440x1080)
1.46 MB
eat ass tranny

File: 90113F4F-579D-4C5D-A38E-3(...).jpg (22 KB, 700x522)
22 KB
Anybody who has green in his flag is a nigger
File: Capture.PNG (1 KB, 147x63)
1 KB

File: 1581248172940.jpg (22 KB, 420x418)
22 KB
Greetings from nordchan!
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This was only meant to be a temporary bunker.
If you want to move back to nordchan feel free to since its back up now.
Americans scream the free market doesn't work because the stores are empty, but businesses aren't the ones who placed Americans under house arrest.
File: logo.png (15 KB, 500x323)
15 KB
Nord chan wasn't fully reccomended
>>9 (OP)gag
good one
wow there are a lot of chans

File: 1596551555005.jpg (125 KB, 736x1536)
125 KB

兔寶寶,又稱兔巴哥 Bugs Bunny,

常見動畫搭檔有豬小弟 達菲鴨等等.

相對於迪士尼動畫,就像是米老鼠的等級 米老鼠的搭檔則是唐老鴨 高飛狗等等.
chill ching chong dude
File: 2020-12-19 22_43_58-Windo(...).png (482 KB, 927x914)
482 KB
tiny penis
I can't read I'm illiterate

File: incel 6.png (148 KB, 920x988)
148 KB
the government has literally abandoned us. They shut down the economy, and gave zero help. They destroyed our jobs but expect us to keep paying taxes, rents, mortgages, utility bills, and food. The government literally wants to kill us all. Otherwise they would fucking HELP us. It's THEIR responsibility since they are the ones who shut down the economy.

The government is the enemy. It doesn't matter which party or politician is president, the government itself is a genocidal organization that wants to murder us all.
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>>1725 (OP)
It's time for you to take your meds.
You know that you live in the Twilight Zone when the US is a bankrupt warmongering police state and Americans look you in the eye and say that the USA is a peaceful and free country with a balanced budget.
fiery but mostly peaceful

There is a chance that the Wuhan flu will disappear and the lockdowns will end when Biden becomes president, but that seems unlikely.

The elites have no reason to hold back now that the globalists know that no one will resist.

Guns will be banned, cash will be banned, and mandatory vaccines, mandatory tests, and mandatory masks seem certain.

File: 1616790711118_1.jpg (38 KB, 269x307)
38 KB

Guys I'm from Manaus, Brazil. Can confirm. 6000000000000000000 millions of octillons of trillions of gorillons of googols of thousands of hundreds of billions of deaths. Media lies. 231 countries and territories infected. 6.5 billion people have it and are asymptomatic. Virus can kill you in seconds even if you're asymptomatic. Is basically le hemorrhagic coof and legend has it that this virus is actually a recombined Ebola-Smallpox-Measles-SARS-BSE-H1N1-H5N1-MERS-AIDS-Rabies-Plague-Anthrax-CWD-Hanta-Cholera-HFMD-MRS
A-Candida-SFTS-Vibrio vulinificus-Naegleria-Chickenpox-Herpes-Japanese Encephalitis-VEE-WNF hybrid that escaped from Wuhan BSL-5 lab (they say it's BSL-4 to kept fear away but it's actually BSL-666 because they work with doomsday viruses, also Bill Gates sequenced it all himself through hybrid bat-Uighur mutants). Expect 2301398476437829 billions of thousands of hundreds of gorillons dead FUCKING WORLDWIDE next week. Wear hazmat and gas mask and DON'T. LEAVE. YOUR. HOUSE. HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT.

Zeta era el pilar que mantenia a Hispachan. Sin el, no demorara en caer. Aparentemente ha ascendido a algunos Mod+ al rango de Administrador. ¿Creen que los nuevos (o el nuevo) administrador puedan mantener el chan eficientemente o no demoraremos en ver a Hispachan morir despues de esto? Solo Zeta tenia la paciencia y sabiduria para mantener una banda de turbo-autistas. Ahora que no tenemos admin. ¿Creen que volveremos a la era semi-anarquica de 2017?
No va a durar mucho antes de que entre en un estado anarquico por una corta duración de tiempo, los tres tipos que moderan con ahora el rango de Administrador la caguen, y Zeta se vea forzado a regresar a su puesto, se canse del todo porque tiene una hija la cual criar, y cierre hispa porque los inútiles de los moderadores no son capaces de cumplir el rol que una sola persona estaba llevando a cabo.
Es humo, solo quiere disuadir a la gente y limpiar su imagen de pederasta. En realidad va a seguir ahi mismo pero logueado como mod+ para que crean que no es el.
Si es cierto lo de han habido múltiples zetas en el pasado esto es algo normal.
En serio hay que ser muy idiota para pensar que en verdad se fue. Lo mas probable es que ya se haya hartado de tanta mierda que le tiraban y para desviar todo hizo como que se "fue" cuando solo se cambio de identidad en el chan. Ahora en lugar de loguearse como Zeta se loguea con otro pseudonimo como "ZetaX" o simplemente postea sin poner ningun nombre en el campo, posteando como un Anonimo. Denme las pruebas de que en verdad se fue y les creo. Incluso los horarios de conexion y el vocabulario del nuevo admin no se diferencia mucho del "viejo Zeta".
La teoría más estúpida.

File: fp.jpg (108 KB, 480x639)
108 KB
Vês! Ninguém assistiu ao formidável
Enterro de tua última quimera.
Somente a Ingratidão – esta pantera –
Foi tua companheira inseparável!

Acostuma-te à lama que te espera!
O Homem, que, nesta terra miserável,
Mora, entre feras, sente inevitável
Necessidade de também ser fera.

Toma um fósforo. Acende teu cigarro!
O beijo, amigo, é a véspera do escarro,
A mão que afaga é a mesma que apedreja.

Se a alguém causa inda pena a tua chaga,
Apedreja essa mão vil que te afaga,
Escarra nessa boca que te beija!
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Talvez, porém com a demora da exclusão do fio, acredito que a inclusão chegou aqui: >>>2250
Precisamos de codinomes para nos identificarmos, fica complicado entender os papéis aqui. Eu sou o estudante de engenharia química que vai fazer o manual, podem me chamar de Heisenberg.
File: 1 (11).jpg (63 KB, 385x516)
63 KB
Eu ás vezes lurko lá.
>você quer criar a board lá?
Honestamente, não. Seria bom algum anão com alguma experiência com computadorias criar, não sei se conseguiria configurar corretamente.

>que porra é 110
É o finado reinchan, depois do dev tomar um golpe e perder o domínio, mudou o nome para 11ochan. É basicamente um infinito brasileiro.
>passa o link
>e essa merda não parece segura
Por incrível que pareça, o 110 é bem programado, tem IPs hasheados e até mesmo tem domínio Onion.
>mudou o nome para 110chan
O que merda aconteceu? Para onde continuamos?

File: Безымянный.png (199 KB, 1280x800)
199 KB
I will try to answer to your question
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This but unironically
>>1509 (OP)
How many squids are in the pond?
Hello sir, please provide with AnyDesk ID and I will kindly connect.
>>1509 (OP)
How many oriental rugs do you have nailed to a wall?
File deleted.

File: gabeupdated.webm (1.58 MB)
1.58 MB
you dont
You can't.
Country flags are tied to the country data that your IP address gives off.
Many Tor and Anonymous Proxies don't give off any of that information which is why theres a lot of ? flags on 3chan.

We plan on getting around to adding selectable custom flags at some point.

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